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OK, Here's my Disclaimer...(You know how it is.)

Obviously, I am not a doctor! But I have been to one or more.

I don't make you wait, diagnose, dissect, amputate, mutate, inject, prescribe, or cauterize.

But if you HAVE been to A Classic's pages and LINKS and have read all your homework...

and you think this A.D.D. stuff fits you or someone you know...

then I CAN say "I told you so!"


to finish where you left off (Here's the hard part-pick one)

Oh; Guess What?! Biology Kicks Your Butt. This tells you why.

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Top Biochemistry Award in 1996 : What All Cells Need

Your Cells Need Help - Find out Why, & what you can do!

Dr. Steve Nugent, ANMA President, Author/Lecturer

DNA Research
Good Brain Research Information from the Berkshire Group American Scientist Article: Reward Deficiency Syndrome: This Gets Physical!

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of the Health On the Net Foundation

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