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Will you survive The Staffing?

This page visited times since 2/24/97. I just wondered who cares. Sad, isn't it?

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schools   ARE   REALLY   IN   A   QUANdaRY!

They must strive toward a balance of real needs vs. wasteful excesses. How are they to know the difference upon which to base their policies?

The answer starts with one word. Education.

A.D.D. and L.D. kids are "protected" under educational and civil rights laws, but the responsibility to see that their needs are identified and met finally falls upon those who are closest to them.

Without a living knowledge of A.D.D. or L.D., it's very difficult to understand what it really does to the child, the parent, or the family, just as one cannot fully comprehend the experience of parenthood without actually living it.

Often society, in its ignorance, is incredibly judgemental, leaving its geniuses as outcasts in remote social isolation because something about them doesn't seem to "fit in."

My   Secret   ADViCE   to   paRENts:

There is no comprehensive training that can prepare you to be the parent of an A.D.D. child. It can be quite traumatic. A.D.D. is real, just as learning disabilities are.

Learn! Find out who really knows what! Put the puzzle together and help the child - - to help himself! If you don't do this for your child, it's likely that no one else will do it, either.

I could never forgive myself as a parent for knowing of a disability in my child and then not trying enough to help him cope with his own life circumstances in the best way known. In my search for answers, I was first advised to read. Read as much as you can about A.D.D. and L.D.

If you read enough about this (and other Spectrum Syndromes) you will find some conflicting information. Keep an open mind; analyze what you are finding. Ask questions. Look for consistencies in material you come across. Talk with strategic people about problems; search for solutions. Get motivated!

What does the school stand to lose by testing and helping kids who are falling by the wayside? Is it too time-consuming; just too much of a nuisance, or merely a lack of understanding by school personnel?

In my experience it has been all of the above; the bottom line was money, and our school's teaching staff did not want this extra work. I have talked with them enough to know that.

I've often heard it said that in old age, your biggest regrets are the things you didn't do. That keeps me going.

Life is now; it's not lived in the past or future, it's only lived in the present. I don't want us to have regrets some day because we didn't get help - only when it's too late. (What about YOU?)

Sure, my child is special; they all are. Let them be special! But help them to be their special best.